Privacy Policy

7.    Retention 

APL will maintain personal information in its confidential database for an indefinite period, subject to your advising APL you wish to be removed from consideration of any further job opportunities, and hence from the confidential database.  APL will remove the file from the confidential database and filing cabinets.  If you no longer wishes to receive information from APL about job opportunities or new developments in the staffing business, APL will discontinue sending any further materials. Until that time, APL may contact you from time to time with potential employment opportunities.  In order to have personal information removed from the APL confidential database, please contact the Privacy Officer in writing. 

If a candidate accepts a position with APL, the candidate's personal information will be retained in accordance with the company's privacy procedures for employee records. 

8.   Accuracy 

Since a candidate’s personal information may be kept on APL’s confidential database for an indefinite period of time, APL will make reasonable efforts to maintain the currency and accuracy of that information wherever possible. However, this is subject to your providing APL with updated and accurate information in a timely fashion. 

9.   Safeguards 

APL has implemented physical, technical and procedural safeguards that are appropriate to maintaining the protection of personal information in compliance with the Privacy Policy. APL and all of its employees and representatives will take reasonable precautions to ensure that personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, copying or use, modification or unauthorized disclosure. 

Systems have also been setup to receive and respond to privacy complaints and inquiries. 

All employees and representatives of APL have received training regarding the company’s policies and procedures. All new employees and representatives will receive training regarding these policies during their orientation program when they join APL. 

APL will provide information to candidates, clients and the general public explaining APL's policy and procedures respecting personal information, and by publishing this Privacy Policy on the APL Website, at 

10.  Inquiries 

APL is pleased to answer any questions an individual may have regarding the collection and maintenance of personal information.

Access to your personal information shall be provided within 15 days of receiving a written request addressed to the Privacy Officer, except as required by law. 

There may be times where applicable law or regulatory requirements require us to refuse a candidate access to portions or all of the personal information that APL has pertaining to him or her. 1  |  2  | 3  |  4  

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