Privacy Policy

Candidates may use or register with the Website, at which time they may be asked to supply certain personal information. After a candidate’s successful registration with the Website, he or she will be able to update his or her personal information by registering again. 

4.   Use and Disclosure of Personal Information 

Upon candidate’s consent, your personal information will be accessed by our clients and other parties who may require access to such personal information to assist APL in maintaining our relationship with a candidate and help us in a candidate’s employment search.

APL may disclose to third parties on a confidential basis when the third party is an entity that we retain for the purpose of performing various business functions. 

Where required by law, APL may disclose personal information to government agencies or other parties. 

In the event that APL identifies a new purpose for the use of personal information received, the candidate's consent will be obtained to use the information for the new purpose identified, except as required by law. 

5.   Consent and Limiting Collection

APL only collects, uses or discloses a candidate’s personal information with his or her consent.  A candidate’s consent may be express or implied, and it may be provided verbally or in writing. A candidate may withdraw consent at any time, with reasonable notice, by contacting our Privacy Officer in writing. 

Employees will limit the collection of personal information to that information which is necessary to fulfill the purposes identified by APL to provide the staffing services. 

6.   Privacy  

APL has the utmost commitment to protecting your privacy. Rest assured that we are always discreet in our communications to and about candidates.

APL may, with the consent of the candidate, disclose a candidate’s personal information to various prospective employers by any means of verbal, written or electronic communication.  APL does not warrant the security of such means of communication. 

Due to the confidential nature of APL’s business, APL often will not disclose your identity to a perspective employer without your consent.  Similarly, we may not disclose to you the identity of the prospective employer(s) without the employer(s) consent. 1  |  2  | 3  |  4  

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