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Most Experience, Most Choice

At Advocate Placement Ltd. (APL) legal recruiting is our business!

APL was founded in 1989 by Anita Lerek. It was the first lawyer recruitment company in Ontario, and likely in Canada. Initially it was developed to service the extensive institutional demand for contract lawyers. APL rapidly grew to encompass both permanent and contract placements as well as personal representation of high-performing associates and partners.

Today, after 20+ years of service, our unique experience positions us to provide Canadian and global clients and candidates with a complete range of legal recruitment services. Our recruiters focus on finding the "right fit" and meeting the demands of both hirers and candidates. The rigorous APL process results in better matches, which in turn result in better long term relationships.

Our services include (a) permanent and contract placement, whether for law firms, companies, associations, and government, (b) partner mergers, (c) confidential representation of high performing individuals, known as candidate advocacy, as well as (d) complimentary career cafe sessions for candidates, consisting of a one-on-one private meetings.




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