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Superior Screening is our motto and Superior Screening is our promise. Our strength is in our comprehensive screening processes. We offer confidential recruitment solutions to help our clients and candidates make informed decisions. We have a strong commitment to analysis and fit. We analyze in great depth specific needs, attributes of organizations and of candidates by the most up-to-date psychological and human resources tools and concepts in order to make the most lasting fit.

Going beyond merely sending out resumes, APL focuses on relationships and analyzes the needs of both candidates and the workplace. Such variables as technical legal skills, practice management, work modes, interpersonal skills, and core characteristics are all explored. Using APL's rigorous analytical tools such as Life Interests, Career Goals/Opportunities, Self/Team Assessments, and the Ten Principles of a Profitable Fit, APL consultants will come up with the best fit for all concerned.


After 20 years of legal recruiting, we have developed an extensive data and contact and knowledge pool as well as a finely honed team approach, assuring you of confident recruitment services. We have learned that our team approach to recruiting results in maximum workplace and candidate opportunities for you. Let our experience make the recruitment experience a positive one.


After 20 years of legal recruiting, we have developed a pool of clients and candidates that are exceptional in their breadth and in their diversity. We go beyond merely big-firm lawyers and opportunities, to offer you the richest possible career and workplace solutions. Be it in-house, government, or law firm, regardless of the size, APL is your best choice for more choice.


APL employs legal professionals who are also human resources specialists in order to provide our clients and candidates with the best lawyer fit. All our recruiters have long and diverse legal practice histories in order to better grasp the needs of the legal community we serve.

We don't mass circulate identified candidate resumes. We take the confidentiality of a candidate and the employer very seriously. We realize there may be a cost to a candidate when he or she is seen as looking by either colleagues or competitors. There may be a similar strategic cost to an employer if his/her employees or competitors learn of same.

In keeping with our Privacy Policy, we never send a resume off to an employer without an employer's authorization to receive the resume (without naming candidate) and without the candidate's express authorization.


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