Client Services

The APL advantage for candidates is that we don’t merely work for our clients to fill specific orders. We make efforts to find opportunities for you our candidates. At APL we place as much emphasis on helping you achieve your career goals as we do in helping our clients fill their needs.

This service is performed only with your permission and, at all times, steps are taken to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are respected.


An APL recruiter meets with you to discuss your goals, needs, and qualifications. Based on this meeting and your materials, the recruiter, with your permission, sends out a short anonymous sketch of your qualifications to those employers who are considered a good match.

If a potential employer expresses an interest in the sketch and requests further information, the recruiter will contact you and seek authorization to forward your resume. Only then will your resume be forwarded to the employer.

From this point forward, the process is identical to our Direct-Hire service.


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