Candidate Services

Under an APL Contract Placement, you, the APL Lawyer, work for the client, and APL acts as the agent for paying you.  


The process for an APL Contract Placement is virtually identical to our Direct Hire service.

Stage One: Every order that comes in is assigned to, and managed by, one recruiter. Whether you apply directly for that position, or whether your resume comes up in a search, the recruiter will contact you if, based on a review of your resume, your resume appears to meet the criteria for the position.

Stage Two: With detailed telephone and in-person interviews, the recruiter fleshes out the specific factors required by the client to see if there is a match with your attributes and stated goals. After the interviewing and screening, if there is a match, then, with your express authorization, the recruiter will present you along with other suitable candidates, to the client.

Stage Three: If the client requests, APL will set up an interview solely between you and the client at a time that is mutually convenient. We suggest that you research the potential employer and prepare your speaking points. To assist you, we provide a preparatory phone call before the interview. We encourage you to ask questions at the interview and do sufficient “due diligence” to satisfy your questions.

Stage Four: Once a client chooses a candidate, the chosen candidate will be contacted by APL immediately. Those candidates who are not selected by the client will also be contacted. The terms of employment are negotiated and finalized between you and the client.


We help you find the right fit in a contract legal placement, whether you are looking for contract work to supplement a private practice, need part-time work while you devote the rest of your week to raising children, or prefer contract work for whatever reason. In addition, contract work can very often lead to a permanent fulltime position. Employers like to hire on contract as a type of no-risk or low-risk trial run. Likewise, this opportunity allows you to see if the employer and the position are right for you.

APL prides itself on providing the widest possible job market for its lawyers.  Besides the high profile big law firm jobs, we find lawyers contract positions in small firms, government, in-house (e.g. large corporations or emerging entrepreneurial companies), boutique firms, and associations. Many of our contract placements have culminated in long–term or permanent positions.  Moreover, APL is a pioneer in the provision of medical and dental benefits to contract lawyers.

We save you the time and expense of job hunting. We know the market and we know what works, and who works well with whom. Our approach is thorough, and includes resume review, telephone screening and in-person interviewing. As both lawyers and professional recruiters, we can help you find the right position painlessly. Above all, the utmost confidentiality is assured to all individuals and organizations dealing with Advocate.

Throughout this process, APL takes great care to protect your privacy.  We never forward your resume without your agreement and emphasize to our client’s the need for discretion and confidentiality at all times. If you have further questions, our
Privacy Policy further outlines our responsibilities and practices.


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