Law Firm Partner Direct Hire

Direct Hire – Partner Placement is when a legal professional or group of legal professionals with part or all of an existing client base is introduced by APL to a host firm with the intention of initiating a merger of clients and practices.

APL employs legal professionals who are also human resources specialists in order to provide you, the candidate, and the client with the best lawyer fit.  APL operates under a team approach. So you are assured of the fruits of co–ordinated efforts rather than of competition.

Stage One: Every order that comes in is assigned to, and managed by, one recruiter. Whether you apply directly for that position or whether your resume comes up in a search, the recruiter will contact you if, based on a review of your resume, your resume appears to meet the criteria for the position.

Stage Two: With detailed telephone and in-person interviews, the recruiter  fleshes out the specific factors required by the client to see if there is a match with your attributes and stated goals. After the interviewing and screening, if there is a match, then, with your express authorization, the recruiter will present you along with other suitable candidates, to the client.

Stage Three: If the client requests, APL will set up an interview solely between you and the client at a time that is mutually convenient. We suggest that you research the potential employer and prepare your speaking points. To assist you, we provide a preparatory phone call before the interview. We encourage you to ask questions at the interview and do sufficient “due diligence” to satisfy your questions.

Stage Four: Once a client chooses a candidate, the chosen candidate will be contacted by APL immediately. Those candidates who are not selected by the client will also be contacted. The terms of employment are negotiated and finalized between you and the client.

As this is more of a merger of equals, we invest significant time and effort into probing various dimensions of practice, such as marketing, docketing, expectations, client profiles, billing and many more matters.

APL works hard to ensure that the matches it makes between lawyers looking for work and its clients looking for lawyers rest firmly on a solid foundation of shared values, expectations, and work modes. We believe in relationship marketing, and go to great lengths to understand the detailed needs of both client and candidate.

It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, for lawyers working at full time permanent positions to canvass the market for appropriate new opportunities. You come to us. Clients come to us. Then we come to you with the clients. You simply have to let us get to know you so we can "find the fit" for you. "Fit" in APL terms means far more than just compensation and legal tasks. We look at personality in a variety of important contexts such as client relations, co-worker relations, lifestyle expectations, and work habits. Such variables as work assignment, training and development, promotion, compensation, performance evaluation, internal and external interpersonal style, and lifestyle issues are all explored. Using APL’s rigorous analytical tools and asking many questions, APL consultants will come up with the best fit for all concerned.

APL proudly advertises that it is the single source for the most lawyer career options. Besides the high profile big law firm jobs, we find lawyers positions in small firms, government, in-house (e.g. large corporations or emerging entrepreneurial companies), boutique firms, and associations.

As a partnership decision has many significant ramifications both for the lawyer and the firm, our experience and confidence facilitates our asking the tough questions to all the parties concerned in order to ensure the best fit.  As well, our knowledge of the market place and the players works to your benefit.

If a Placement is made, our fee is paid by the client.  The fee is a percentage of the APL candidate’s reasonable starting annual draw in the first year of the relationship.

The client and the APL Lawyer will decide upon the APL Lawyer’s reasonable compensation to be paid for the first year. However, prior to sending any APL Lawyers to an interview for a direct hire position APL will determine a reasonable salary range and communicate such to the APL Lawyer.

Throughout this process, APL takes great care to protect your privacy.  We never forward your resume without your agreement and emphasize to our client’s the need for discretion and confidentiality at all times. If you have further questions, our Privacy Policy  further outlines our responsibilities and practices.


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