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Partner Opportunity: Corporate-Commercial or Securities partner with part or full practice. A small working group would be welcome.

Permanent position.

You have a part or full corporate-commercial or securities practice of your own, and you are either a solo or else in a working group that seeks or needs to move. If you’re coming from a solo or small firm, then you undoubtedly would appreciate the settled services you will receive here in the form of IT, accounting, legal and human resources incl ample juniors. If you’re coming from a large firm, enjoy being a big fish in a smaller pond, with fewer administrative responsibilities or financial targets or liabilities. Here you can charge your clients more reasonable hourly rates and take on more start-up ventures.

This is a highly established full service Toronto firm one, that currently - lucky for you - has only a minimal base in the corporate-commercial and securities area. With around 40 lawyers, and a practical, informal environment, coming to work is a welcome thing. The firm is well run, with close attention to financial soundness, and offering professional management and marketing leadership. In addition to its usual domestic and North American services, it offers international capabilities through the global law firm network of which it is an active member.

Whether you come from a smaller or a larger firm, the main benefit here for you (or your group, if applicable) is that the corporate/commercial and securities capabilities are open for tremendous growth, and that your practice will be the recipient of these commercial needs awaiting further exploitation. And any existing overflow commercial work will be referred to you. Enjoy a superior cost-benefit balance to that of a large firm, with more flexible billing targets, keyed to your revenue expectations; active cross-referrals; and, possibly, some senior-partner client transfers.

Full confidentiality assured. We do not forward your resume nor disclose your identity to employer without your express authorization.


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