Advocate Direct Hire
In-House Associate Direct Hire

Direct-Hire Placement is when a legal professional introduced to you by APL works for you, the Client, and you pay the APL Lawyer directly.

APL operates under a team approach so you are assured of the fruits of co–ordinated efforts rather than of competition. Once we have discussed your needs, including those intangibles which often make or break the right fit, we spring into action. We provide in-depth searches of our comprehensive database of legal professionals (9000+ resumes and growing) based on the key variables discussed with you, as well as drafting and running complementary ads in the Ontario Reports and in various career websites. We then review those candidates who meet our stringent requirements, doing both preliminary phone screening plus face-to-face interviews. Only then do we send you reports and resumes on the most suitable candidates.

Once you have decided to meet with a candidate, we assist in helping to set up interviews, debrief both you and the candidates, and help to answer any questions you may have. In addition, if requested, we can even assist in the offer process and perform reference checks on your behalf.

Screening Depth: Fit
Advocate Placement’s major difference is our attention to the fit. Our candidates and clients reiterate the superior comprehensiveness of our screening procedures. We see staffing fit as critical to providing the right in-house lawyer for the employer. We therefore invest extensive resources to develop in-depth screening tools for candidates and workplaces. We profile task and interpersonal characteristics to determine the optimal fit.

Recruitment Breadth:
Via our extensive database and wide number of contacts, as well as from web and print advertising, we have a broad inventory of candidates from which to select. . In addition to our extensive contacts and data base (at over 7500 resumes), gained in 20+ years of practice, we also advertise in and receive resumes from, our Web site and the major legal electronic job services, where we are subscribers on an unlimited basis (complimentary to you) But mainly, beyond the few resumes we receive from our ads, we offer you the benefit of our enormous database, which we mine exhaustively on your behalf. We dig deeper.

We put 20+ years of our recruiting, networking, and marketing experience to work for you. We have developed a rich contact and knowledge pool as well as a finely honed team approach, assuring you top quality recruitment services.

Our fee is a percentage of the legal professional's annual monetary compensation in the first year of employment. We do not include discretionary commission payments, allowances, car or pension benefits. This compensation will be agreed upon prior to work-start date.

At APL, we value our client’s privacy – we never, unless requested, advertise our clients’ names and only reveal them to those candidates that are deemed a good fit. As a result, we ensure that you are not bombarded with unsolicited resumes. In addition, because of our respect for privacy, we never forward an unsolicited resume to you. If you have further questions, our Privacy Policy further outlines our responsibilities and practices.


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