Law Firm Partner Direct Hire

This is when a legal professional or group of legal professionals, with part or all of an existing client base is introduced by APL to a host firm with the intention of initiating a merger of clients and practices.

In a merger placement, the objective is to effect a synergy of practice areas and to facilitate a merger in as smooth a manner as possible. Placements of this nature involve a number of unique issues. These include the transportability of client base and potential conflict issues, to name but two. This is where our years of experience and our screening process can prove invaluable to our clients.

Once you have decided to meet with a candidate, we assist in helping to set up interviews, debrief both you and the candidates, and help to answer any questions you may have. In addition, if requested, we can even assist in the offer process and perform reference checks on your behalf.rm reference checks on your behalf.

As this is more of a merger of equals, we invest significant time and effort into probing various dimensions of practice, such as marketing, docketing, expectations, client profiles, billing, and many more matters.

As a result, after 19 years of legal recruiting, we have developed an extensive data and contact and knowledge pool as well as a finely honed team approach, assuring you of confident recruitment services.

Through the use of our recruitment services targeted specifically to your needs, we will save you the time and expense of lawyer advertising, resume review, interviewing, and reference checking. We will free you up to work on your core business - satisfying your clients - and we will take care of all your legal professional staffing needs. As both lawyers and professional recruiters, we can help you avoid costly hiring errors.

Our clients enjoy the superior comprehensiveness of our screening procedures, including our detailed candidate evaluation forms.

As a partnership decision often has many significant ramifications for the firm, our experience and confidence facilitates our asking the tough questions to all the parties concerned in order to ensure the best fit. As well, our knowledge of the market place and the players works to your benefit.

If a Placement is made, our fee is paid by the host firm. The fee is a percentage of the APL candidate’s reasonable annual compensation in the first year of the relationship.

At APL, we value our client’s privacy – we never, unless requested, advertise our clients’ names and only reveal them to those candidates that are deemed a good fit. As a result, we ensure that you are not bombarded with unsolicited resumes. In addition, because of our respect for privacy, we never forward an unsolicited resume to you. If you have further questions, our Privacy Policy further outlines our responsibilities and practices.


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