Advocate Counsel Services - In-House
  Advocate Counsel Group, the variable-hire division of Advocate Placement, is Canada's first and foremost supplier of flexible legal services to companies and firms since 1989. We offer you proven solutions for -
  • Bringing in desperately needed, qualified counsels, staff and management-level
  • Lowered admin costs – we screen, withhold, pay, supply benefits, and replace
  • Hassle-free trial and hire of an Advocate Counsel
  • Reduced error costs and down time

Projects • hiring freezes • new-hire service gaps • mat/family leave • new areas • deals • due diligence/document review • cct review/drafting • procurement • compliance • contracts mgt


1. Legal Resourcing Capabilities
Superior Choice
We offer you a vast, well maintained, ever growing talent pool of lawyers (9000+), entitled to practice in Ontario, with diverse areas and years of practice.

Superior Screening
Building on our track record of literally hundreds of such placements, we understand the unique features of selecting, retaining and motivating professionals hired on a variable basis. We use proven analytical tools to screen candidate backgrounds, skills and motivation, and to then make matches with your own team’s practices and needs.

2. Reduced Internal Staffing Spend
Convert non-core fixed staffing spends to variable ones through us.

3. Reduced External Spend/Delay
Because Advocate Counsels work on your premises with your facilities, you retain greater financial and task control. No more waiting for outside counsel to follow up. As you supply part of the overhead yourself, you thereby save a portion of the legal fees paid to outside counsel. We offer discounts for greater lawyer use.

4. Terms
You can either a) hire APL Counsel directly at the outset, at a one-time direct-hire fee or else b) you can work through an ACG Placement by paying on an hourly basis, making bi-weekly invoiced payments to us, while we in turn pay Advocate Counsel(s) after retaining our portion of the fees (“ACG Operations”). You have the option, at any time during the 26-week non-circumvention period, of paying a reduced direct-hire fee (prior-use credit applied). You will always first confirm as to which lawyer you select at what rate before any work or bill is rendered.

5. ACG Operations
Under an ACG Placement, we handle the administration relating to Advocate Counsels. We make regular bi-weekly payments to Advocate Counsel(s) on your behalf via direct bank deposit, and contribute to CPP and EI. We work hard to ensure retention. We are unique in providing single complimentary medical and dental benefits. Our staff takes the time to communicate regularly with lawyers and clients to gain feedback and to harmonize expectations.


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