Advocate Counsel Group & Document Review Services - In-House

These services are designed for your use of counsels hired in teams from us on a variable staffing basis. While we take care of all the administrative details, our specialized and motivated counsels from diverse areas and levels of practice perform full legal services for you directly or in co-operation with your outside counsel. For cost and quality effectiveness, they can help you with trial or tribunal prep, due diligence, corporate transactions, contract review and drafting, research, document review and analysis, corporate transactions, class actions, fraud, competition law, and many other areas and tasks.


Superior Choice

We have a continuously expanding, expertly  maintained database of  9000+ lawyers, developed in over 20 years of legal recruiting to meet your legal needs

Superior Screening
Through our Advocate Screening SmartTools™, we offer you a proven screening package that is suited to address the unique features of variable staffing recruitment.


We tailor our services to your specific needs – for a day, for a week, part-time or forever.

Reduced Costs

Administrative cost savings

Legal costs savings

Recruitment costs savings

Advocate counsel fee savings

Avoid Planning/Admin Headaches
For work peaks and surges, plan ahead with Advocate Placement. 


These services involve the use of legal teams for document intensive matters such as litigation including class actions, administrative/quasi-criminal compliance including competition law, fraud; and transactional due diligence.

High Performing, Full-Service Advocate Counsels
Our stable, specialized, and motivated Advocate counsels will be able to serve you beyond the standard document review level to -

Document analysis

Enhanced legal support

Proven, Reliable IT Expert Support

Advocate counsels can work either from your premises or else from ours in Yorkville, or from their home-offices, with security controlled IT solutions. 


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