Client Services

With your approval, we forward candidates to you that we feel would be uniquely suited to your workplace teams.

Through various means, our recruiters learn your specific needs and culture.

Then, once the APL recruiter considers a candidate to be a good match for you, they send out a short anonymous sketch of the candidate’s qualifications to you.

If you then express an interest in the sketch and request further information, the recruiter will contact the candidate, and, upon receiving authorization, will forward the resume to you.

From this point forward, the process is identical to our Client Advocacy service.

The APL advantage for you is that we don’t merely work to help you fill specific orders, we also make efforts to provide you with high-quality candidates who we believe would make a good fit for your firm or department.

In order to ensure confidentiality, our APL recruiters always start off with no-name sketches to you. The identity of the candidate and relevant materials are provided only upon receiving your request. As well, APL recognizes the concerns you have about receiving masses of unsolicited resumes. In this manner, we are able to advise you of quality candidates that are currently on the market, while maintaining a level of confidentiality and without creating any premature monetary obligations on your part.

At APL, we value our client’s privacy – we never, unless requested, advertise our clients’ names and only reveal them to those candidates that are deemed a good fit. As a result, we ensure that you are not bombarded with unsolicited resumes. In addition, because of our respect for privacy, we never forward an unsolicited resume to you. If you have further questions, our Privacy Policy further outlines our responsibilities and practices.


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