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The Advocate Career Cafe standard program has run for over 7 years and has provided 100s of lawyers with a safe and confidential context for a career conversation. It is provided by Advocate Placement recruiters on a complimentary, 1-hour, 1-shot basis. A typical session runs for a full hour. One complimentary session may be booked per person per year. The session is compact, with a concrete form and outcome. Part of it is structured, namely, you complete a self-assessment form online on our secure site. The form covers Core Life Interests, Work Goals, Technical Legal Skills, and Leisure Pursuits. An ice-breaking discussion ensues around it. Then the session becomes more client-centred, wherein you state your goals for the session and, after some fine-tuning, we start to address your career issues through the lens of your resume, and your responses to the self-assessment and to our lawyers’ questionnaire. We tackle both the soft fit issues and the task/practice concerns. Given the time-limited nature of the session, the style is highly intuitive and focused.

*Skype is available upon later request.
** Restrictions: CC is restricted to 1) professionals with a law degree, 2) patent agents, and 3) patent agent trainees with a year of training and hopefully at least one patent exam passed. Only one free CC session per year, and only one cancellation. For all other appointments, on a fee basis, click here.

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