Advocate Career Counsel
As a fast-track alternative and as an in-depth follow-up to Career Café, we offer Career Cafe plus on a fee-for-service basis.

This program responds to the needs of legal professionals for in-depth career strategy and self-management guidelines in coping on the job and in search of a job. It is suited for lawyers at varying stages of the work cycle in a) law firms: entry-level, associate, partner and b) in-house: staff, and management.

Format and Process
We believe that individuals are oriented to thinking within a habitual, restricted, self-centred framework. Our aim is to help you question your assumptions and conflicts in order for you to attain some basic clarity enabling you to realistically choose and respond (not react) to career challenges. The process, driven by your stated needs, is a simple conversation. We will put at your disposal diverse tools, objective and subjective, to stimulate your career curiosity, confidence, and action. The format is flexible, creative, non-invasive, and entirely confidential. Our closeness to the job market provides a practical framework for the career conversation.

Some Topics to be Covered
Job-Life Cycle: For context, to briefly scan your career as a journey through time and stages, namely, job entry, maintenance, adjustment, satisfaction and change. We will stop at whichever station you are at
Career-Related Inputs: To recognize your career-related internal and external opportunities and barriers, traits, interests, values, expectations, and external conditions

Individually-Related Inputs (if relevant): To recognize background issues; ethnic, cultural, gender issues; family/peer supports; finances; physical issues

World-of-Work Inputs: To assess your attitudes; networks; work engagement; work friends; mobility; job control; role stress, burnout; mentorship; quality of feedback; job insecurity

Topics will be customized to your specific career strategic needs. For self-management - helpful, optional assignments will ensue.

It is hoped that you will –
1) develop a growing sense of clarity as to your career choices involving a meaningful work life of contributing, belonging, and evolving,
2) create a flexible, practical path to attain your choices, and .
3) implement some concrete career steps and decisions.

The current hourly rate is $250. (HST extra). Skype consultations are available. Preliminary questions will be dealt with by email.

Interface with Advocate Placement
We make a clear distinction between this fee-based career strategics service, and the placement service, which is entirely free to you. If the Advocate Placement division is successful in placing you, the employer covers our fee. We bear the risk If we’re not successful. In the Advocate Placement stream, you will not be charged for any incidental career tips. In the Advocate Career Cafe stream, there is no representation that you will be placed in a position. However you may shift from one division to the other as needed. After all our unique value-added is to potentially offer you the twin supports of work and consulting.

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