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  Anita Lerek

Anita Lerek

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    President and General Counsel of Advocate Placement Ltd. After 7 years of practicing law, Anita formed Advocate Placement to offer organizations and lawyers diverse workplace and career solutions. She is an authority in the intersection of jobs and career development. She feels career management goals should be pursued both in jobs and in search of jobs. Anita helps foster creativity in career design. She is a poet, and an avid lover of jazz and art.  
    "My time spent with Anita was both challenging and rewarding. Her comments and advice opened my eyes to new possibilities and challenged me to re-think the way I viewed myself and my legal career, and ultimately helped me along the path to securing my current position. I would recommend Anita's services to anyone who is searching for a job, or is seeking to expand or further develop their legal career."  



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